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Discover how your customers find and interact with your website. You’ll easily see how many daily or monthly visitors you receive and what search terms brought them to you.

Your website analytics will also let you know if customers are engaging with your content. And you can easily track social media shares with the in-built AddThis app.


Integrated website analytics

It’s easy to learn more about your online customers with your Trendzer website. Simply log in to your dashboard and you’ll find a whole host of options if you click on the “my stats” button.

My StatsThis will give you access to a variety of in-built analysis tools that let you track how your business is performing online. Your dash will vary depending on which features you have requested to activate during setup – these include:

  • Site stats
  • SEO report
  • Google stats (for Google Analytics)
  • Social shares (with AddThis app)

Handy analytics dashboard

You’ll soon find it easy to navigate along the various features that are showing on your dashboard. Each one will show you the associated stats to give you the best idea of how your business is performing in that area. Stats Dashboard

So, you can check that all your pages have header tags for SEO best practice, and then click along and see what Google is saying about your site visitors. This info can quickly become invaluable to give you a better understanding of what is bringing your customers to you.

Site analytics made simple

Each area of stats comes with easy to understand graphs or pie charts that show you how your customers interact with your site. You can quickly get a good idea of monthly or yearly patterns for site traffic. Site Stats

Small business analytics

Enjoy a greater understanding of how your business is functioning online without checking in on four and five different websites. Thanks to Trendzer’s stats section, you can quickly skip from one aspect to the next and find out how your business is performing online.

Our boffins in the platform team are always inventing and adding new features as each version is rolled out. That means Trendzer continually evolves to match the needs of small and medium-sized businesses: you should find everything you need to manage your online presence collected together in one place!

Contact us at Trendzer on 0800 047 6777 gather your business stats into one handy location with our in-built analytics.

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