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Responsive mobile design

Keep up with the latest trends in online shopping by having a mobile-friendly website. The way that the world surfs online is always changing, and you need to be ready to move with the times.

The latest research will tell you that many customers now shop on two or even three devices before making a purchase. And that means being flexible to the needs of all sizes of display screens.

Mobile responsive website

Mobile responsive website

Make sure your website is good to be read on the go! Trendzer websites are designed with an inbuilt responsive design that ensures that content moves around intelligently to ensure that it can be viewed on a variety of devices.

That means that whether your customers are browsing on their work desktop, their tablet, or their smartphone, they’ll be able to view your site with ease. Take a look at our 30-second video to understand what responsive design is all about:

Why are mobile-friendly websites important?

Well, on April 21st 2015, Google released their latest algorithm which focused on “mobile-readiness”. With more and more people using tablets and smartphones to surf the net, it has become increasingly important to ensure that they can enjoy a similar browsing experience to someone using a larger device.

  • 80% of smartphone users won’t leave home without their mobile
  • 74% go online with their smartphone daily
  • 55% use their mobile for search daily
  • 66% of smartphone users expect your site to work equally well on mobile or desktop

Google’s update has been called “bigger than Panda or Penguin” in some quarters. The implications for small businesses are clear: having an outdated website means that you aren’t helping a large percentage of modern internet users – aka your customers.

Search engines don’t want to display results that will not interest their users. So, if your site isn’t ready for mobile users, it may not register on search results for smartphones, and that means a huge chunk of potential customers.

The solution: responsive mobile design

Until recently, the answer to the need for mobile-friendly content involved having either a unique page or an entirely different site that is optimised for smartphones. Each device would be sent different signals to tell the browsing device what page to display.

Unfortunately, these options mean leaving out information (to fit content on the smaller design) and also doing extra work on the special pages. Nobody really wants to increase the amount of work that they do to produce a site with less content, so a new idea was needed.

And that is why we use what technical types call a “mobile responsive website”.

What is a responsive website?

If you haven’t watched our demo video already, then the simple answer is this: basically, a responsive website sends the same signals to all devices from smartphones to desktops. The trick is that the design appears differently depending on what type of equipment is being used to browse view your site.

This way, your customers see all of your content, but your site adapts intelligently to display in the most user-friendly way. And that means an easier customer experience and no penalty for SEO rankings.

About Trendzer’s responsive web design

All sites that we create for our customers automatically have responsive web design. From your professionally designed logo to your page content, everything will re-size to fit your customer’s screen. Even video player apps and price tables will move around to fit user displays.

Mobile responsive website

So, don’t get left behind by Google’s Mobile Ready algorithm. Call Trendzer on 0800 047 6777 and ask about a new website with inbuilt responsive web design.

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