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Trendzer gives you much more than just a mobile-ready website. You also have a business dashboard with integrated apps and social media analytics.

With market-leading technology and app solutions gathered together in one place, our platform makes it easy for you to manage your business.

Trendzer Technology

Website with business dashboard

Use cutting-edge technology to build your business online. The Trendzer platform was created with small and medium-sized companies like yours in mind.

Our founders looked around the landscape of small business websites and said “we can deliver more”. As the concept evolved, Trendzer began to take shape as a platform that also provides a dashboard for managing a company’s online presence.

Apps for business

Enjoy a variety of purpose-built apps that are designed to make life easier for business owners. One of the many things we’ve learned in our years of customer service is that the majority of people want their IT solutions from one source.

Mobile-ready website

Make sure your website is ready for the next stage in online marketing. With more than 80% of internet users owning a smartphone, it’s little surprise that Google decided it would penalise sites that weren’t optimised for mobile users as of April 2015.

We developed Trendzer to be ahead of the curve, so that our sites all feature responsive mobile design technology. In a nutshell, your site will always display to smartphone users in an easy-to-see way.

Site analytics

You’ll grow to love the convenience of finding all your essential website analytics on the convenient stats dashboard. Every site has a unique set of statistics depending on the features that you request during your design consultation.

Trendzer keeps track of your site visitors, the length of their visit, and more. Plus you can view social media shares from the AddThis app, and integrate your Google Analytics information as well.

Automatic sitemap

Keep all the major search engines informed of changes to your website structure without having to do a thing more. Trendzer automatically submits XML sitemaps to Google, Bing, and Yahoo. That means your site will be indexed if you add a new webpage or move one to a new location.

Regular and accurate sitemap updates mean search engines know how to crawl your site better. And in simple terms, that means they will find your site more user-friendly, which is good for SEO in the long term.

Contact us on 0800 047 6777 for more information on our website with full business dashboard.

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